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Introverts, it’s time to let go of the ego ..

We live in a society full of expectations which create several “fears”: fear of failure, fear of being judged, fear of getting emotionally hurt, fear of being seen as weak, fear of being observed, and the list goes on … However, how do all of these fears relate to...

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Introvert minimalism: Focus your attention

If you haven't read the previous posts yet of this series: check episode 1 and episode 2. All about starting a minimalist journey as an introvert.As an introvert, we are already quite overwhelmed by our inner world. Having clutter and billion of things around us...

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Introverts, it’s time to be your own leader

Self-leadership, késako? It basically means, being your own leader. "But wait, what is a leader exactly? Isn't it a boss or a manager? Someone who manages a team?" Let me reply to that: no. Not necessarily. A leader differs from the boss or the manager because: He...

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