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8 ways to improve self-awareness for introverts

Now, you know you are an introvert. Hopefully, you have read my other article about the fact that you are more than an introvert. The purpose of my blog and videos is truly to: Raise your level of self-awareness.Besides scrolling through introvert memes, (which are...

Introversion is only a personality trait

Ah, introversion! It had gained a lot of attention these last few years with several books such as Quiet, The Introvert Entrepreneur, and some others. The thing is ... We are not only introverts! or even the 3 other letters of our MBTI profile 😉 We are more than...

I am an introvert and I am loud!

I have been wanting to write this article for a while but kept on holding back for no reason. Well, no more. I am loud and an introvert! No, I am not an extroverted introvert, I am not an extrovert. Just an introvert! I love the MTBI test don't get me wrong but it...

5 signs you are playing small at work as an introvert

You started working at your job a year or even 2 years ago. You have not been promoted yet and even worse, your boss/manager barely notices you. Being an introvert doesn't mean quiet H24. I really want you to understand that it's not your quietness that you have to...

Why you should stop using your introversion as an excuse

Are you drained all day after a day of work? Are you tired of living life according to your parents or friends' expectations? Are you playing small in your career because you say you are "an introvert"?I am going to be brutally honest in this article, why? Because I...

5 unique ways to communicate more efficiently

I am back to talk to you about how to communicate effectively with others but also with yourself to gain more clarity. I’ve already shared with you in my previous blog post about how I truly think that writing is the way to go to gain more clarity when everything in...

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