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Ah, introversion! It had gained a lot of attention these last few years with several books such as Quiet, The Introvert Entrepreneur, and some others.
The thing is …
We are not only introverts! or even the 3 other letters of our MBTI profile ūüėČ
We are more than that!
Let’s look at all of the other factors that come into play when making decisions and more generally¬†our behavior.

What is your tendency?

Gretchen Rubin, known for her book on happiness, came with another bestseller called the 4 tendencies. It basically says that there are 4 universal types that manage how we process expectations. You have the rebel, the questioner, the obliger and the upholder.

The rebel doesn’t respect his own and other people’s commands. The questioner, as stated by its name, ask a lot of questions, do research before taking a decision.

An obliger needs loads of accountability as the obliger is okey to comply with others requests but not his own.

Lastly, we have the upholder who can meet both inner and outer expectations!¬†Of course, that can lead to some overwhelm …

There is no right or wrong here, as there are good and bad points for each tendency. It’s still very interesting to know that part of yourself.¬†You can go to this website to test yourself.

Your intelligence and smartness

You can measure your intelligence via IQ testing. However, honestly, I don’t believe that’s the most important component of success. Being smart is way more valuable.

Being smart ultimately needs you to be at least a bit intelligent (logical, great at remembering things etc.), but also to be a strategic thinker and creative.

And that, my friend, is the holy grail. Whatever is the situation you are in, you are able to analyze and find innovative solutions to your issues. You observe, take information and act accordingly.

Being smart also means being “intelligent in life”: critical thinking, tolerance, and respect for others. Being smart also means you are able to look at yourself in the mirror and recognize your own mistakes. You learn from your experience to move forward in life.

Your mindset

Do you have ” A status quo” mindset or a growth mindset? Mindset can be improved so don’t worry if you are in the first scenario. A growth mindset means that you are okay with failure, learn new things regularly and are open to change and growth.

We all have limiting beliefs and believe in some stereotypes. All of those,¬†limit our capacity to do greater good either in life or at work. Depending on your limiting beliefs and if you work on them or not, you won’t be behaving the same.

Your soft skills

Are you generous? Have empathy? Have sympathy? What about your level of emotional intelligence? All of your soft skills are what makes you unique.

Your communication skill level

I have been writing about that for a while #communicationskills. Communication skills are necessary whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. What will make you stand out and grow your career is your communication skill level.

How do you manage conflicts? Teamwork? presentation in front of your colleagues? simple conversation at your company’s dinner or after work?

Your cultural background (traditions and religion)

Where you come from, and what “type” of education you received shape you! There are two types of socialization: primary and secondary. The first one is the one given by your parents or educators. The second one by your peers.

To give you an example, I am French but originally from Senegal. I am unique in my own way because my heritage is still here with me, daily. I speak the language from back home, and my parents passed on their traditions that I now combine with French traditions.

Your religion also plays a huge role as it’s usually tied with traditions as well, family reunions and common beliefs.

Childhood trauma and mental health

If you suffered from any childhood trauma or even during your adolescence, it surely has impacted your mindset and even your beliefs: divorced parents, being bullied, harassed, death, or even raped, all trigger a poor mental health.

That is it for today. Just remember this: The combination of your introversion, soft skills, experience, background, and mindset makes you unique, it makes you a unique introvert.

Tell me in the comments, Is there anything else that impacts us in our life and career as introverts besides introversion?


Recommended book: Gretchen Rubens “The Four tendencies”

Mama Sow
Owner of and Youtuber

Mama Sow

Owner of and Youtuber



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