Who is Mama Sow?

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Who is Mama Sow?

You may have already guessed, but my name is Mama Sow. And yes, it is my real name. Mama is my first name and Sow my last name. I originally from Senegal, but born and live in Paris, France.

My passion story …

In Junior High School, I was the shy, aloof, introverted kid. I didn’t dress well either and looked like a moron. My self-esteem and self-confidence were “starting at the bottom”.

After several wakeup calls, I realized that my life isn’t worth being spent worrying about being loved by others! They never will! So I started to simply follow my dreams and my gut. I went from wanting to be a psychologist to studying foreign languages in college, spending a year abroad in China, learning Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Korean and so on.

Today, at 26 years old, I have traveled to 19 countries including Senegal, China, Japan, The US, and Korea. You could say “I have done it all”, from studying abroad, working abroad, volunteering abroad and doing internships abroad.

Throughout all of my experiences and lessons learned, I overcame my shyness and became my true self. An outgoing introvert, who enjoy being with her own self but stands for what she believes in.

I am an introvert and strategist at heart, I loooove observing, analyzing and solving issues as well as complex situations.

Sooo, Why did I start Introvertblossom.com?

Let me tell you! I have wanted to start a platform like that for a couple of years already! I tried them all: Youtube, blogging, forums, but never did I get so excited in the long run in an idea.

My purpose here is to help you (yep you incredible visitor!) to not only be proud as an introvert (extroverts are awesome too and we love them) but most importantly Blossom as an introvert!

If you are wandering around my blog it means that you are creative, have dreams, but just don’t know how to get there! Maybe you don’t feel like you have a life purpose and would love to find it — don’t worry I am here for you! I have gone through everything you are going through from shy introvert to me today still on that journey of building the life I want on my terms. I want to help you do that with yours!

Lastly, You are a leader at heart! but since you didn’t blossom yet, you struggle and feel not as worthy or confident as you should be. I got your back! When I started blooming, some “friends” got jealous, tried to belittle my dreams and so on. Helping you build a real system, giving you the tools to bloom and be a leader is my ultimate wish and goal.

Talk to you soon blossomers 😀





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