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If you haven’t checked the first episode of this new series about minimalism for introverts, go check it out. I will be waiting for you here ;-)Welcome back! Alright, so I started reading Marie Kondo’s book about her method to declutter our home and make sure it stays that way. She offers a comprehensive step by step system:
  • Step 1 – Declutter your clothes
  • Step 2 – Sort out your books and magazines, newspapers
  • Step 3 – Sort out documents
  • Step 4 – Sort ou misc. objects

I’m not going to lie, I understand why she did it that way. I have sooo many misc objects, it’s crazy. Who doesn’t have objects just “in case” something happens??

Be careful though to not have too much storage capacity. As Marie explains it in her book, the more “boxes” we have the more things we will relocate. We need to get rid of, not keep. We have to forget about that warm feeling of having things we don’t need any more around us. 

Something crazy happened to me when I decided to start my minimalist lifestyle journey.

About 2 days in, with Marie’s book on my bookshelf, I was fully ready. After doing some grocery shopping and checking my mailbox, I notice an announcement displayed on my apartment’s main entrance door.

“We are company XXX and will come on July 25th to pick up clothes, bags, and shoes you would like to donate please place them before 8.30 in the lobby for us to take. They will be distributed to charities”.

Like whatttt! Law of attraction! Yes, God has heard my desire to gain clarity and give my belongings. If that didn’t happen I would have to take an Uber and go all across Paris to give all of my clothes! (bags and bags!)

Step 1 – Declutter your clothes

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A few days ago I went into my closet and took ALL of my clothes, bags, and shoes out (see picture above)

Yep, it’s doesn’t look pretty. It took me a full day and even after that I was not done organizing my closet afterward.

  1. Make a pile in one room (don’t do room per room) so that you can have a general picture of everything you own
  2. Start with tops, then coats, then pants etc.
  3. Ask yourself and hold it in your hands close to your heart “Do I feel joy”?
  4. If you keep it just “in case” or because of a memory but don’t like it anymore then Marie says:” Thank the object for everything, and donate or throw it”


Step 2  & 3- Sort out your books and documents

For the books it was pretty quick for me I don’t have many of them since I use a kindle.

Which is, by the way, the perfect way to declutter your home. You just have to mindful and avoid accumulating free books and random books you are never going to read on your e-reader.

Same with important documents. What I did was check on the French government websites what are the most important document that should be kept. Some should be kept for 5 years and some (like those related to retirement) should be kept forever. If you are French, you can go here.  If any other nationalities, you can check it up with our good friend Google.

Conclusion: How do I feel after decluttering my space?

Honestly, I feel so much better seeing only clothes, bags and clothes I love in my closet. I am actually rediscovering clothes I almost never wore because I had all of the “comfortable” clothes that didn’t make me happy.

As for my space: I can tell you much because my flat is a mess right now haha

Believe, Have Faith and I will write to you next week about misc objects.

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Mama Sow
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Mama Sow

Owner of and Youtuber

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