Ni Hao,  I am Mama Sow


  • Introvert coach, writer, and speaker
  • Helping introverts, ambiverts level up in their career and life as leaders
  • Psychology, Philosophy, and Spirituality

x Certificate in Psychology from the University of Toronto (Coursera)


Find the right career path for you and improve your confidence – be your OWN leader!

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Introverts, it’s time to be your own leader

Self-leadership, késako? It basically means, being your own leader. "But wait, what is a leader exactly? Isn't it a boss or a manager? Someone who manages a team?" Let me reply to that: no. Not necessarily. A leader differs from the boss or the manager because: He...

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Minimalism for introverts – Episode 2

If you haven't checked the first episode of this new series about minimalism for introverts, go check it out. I will be waiting for you here ;-)Welcome back! Alright, so I started reading Marie Kondo's book about her method to declutter our home and make sure it stays...

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Minimalism for introverts – Episode 1

My good friend, Oumeima, always has amazing advice when I am feeling overwhelmed, angry or lost. As we were talking about my new business (aka this one 😉 ), she advises trying minimalism. I have watched a few videos on the topic, and also have started reorganizing my...

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