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Minimalism for introverts – Episode 2

If you haven't checked the first episode of this new series about minimalism for introverts, go check it out. I will be waiting for you here ;-)Welcome back! Alright, so I started reading Marie Kondo's book about her method to declutter our home and make sure it stays...

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Minimalism for introverts – Episode 1

My good friend, Oumeima, always has amazing advice when I am feeling overwhelmed, angry or lost. As we were talking about my new business (aka this one 😉 ), she advises trying minimalism. I have watched a few videos on the topic, and also have started reorganizing my...

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8 ways to improve self-awareness for introverts

Now, you know you are an introvert. Hopefully, you have read my other article about the fact that you are more than an introvert. The purpose of my blog and videos is truly to: Raise your level of self-awareness.Besides scrolling through introvert memes, (which are...

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